Safe enclosures for your furry or feathered friends

Keep Your Pet Safe With Our Enclosures & Fencing Products

Spot On Pet Enclosures are committed to providing pet owners with peace of mind, knowing that their precious pet is safe at all times. We provide superior-quality protective pet enclosures, dog fencing and dog run that are specially designed and manufactured to suit harsh Australian conditions.

Our dog enclosures are some of our most popular products, allowing you to contain your dog within a designated area of the yard. Easy-to-assemble, our dog enclosures are an ideal temporary solution if you are building new yard fencing, or also works as a permanent solution for dogs that always manage to wriggle their way out of your backyard. Have complete peace of mind when you purchase a Spot On dog enclosure, as our dog fences comply with all Australian state and council restrictions required for certain breeds of dogs.

Clever designs, quality materials

Enclosures for Dogs, Cats, Chicken, Rabbit and More

Spot On Pet Enclosures cater to a wide range of pets aside from dogs. Cats, chickens, goats, rabbits and more can be securely kept in one of our pet enclosures or runs. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your pet enclosure needs and find the right solution for you.

We can ship your pet enclosure or fencing anywhere in Australia, or you can collect it from your nearest depot. Visit our online shopping cart or contact our friendly staff today to discuss your secure pet fencing needs.