Modular Panels

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SpotOn Modular Gate for customised enclosure SpotOn Modular Panels for customised pet enclosure  
SpotOn Modular Gate for customised enclosure SpotOn Modular Panels for customised pet enclosure  
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Items per page: 12, 24, 48, 100, All

Design your own pet enclosure

Bespoke pet enclosure

This product is designed to allow you the freedom to design and develop the pet enclosure that suits your pet and your location, this product is made from the highest quality galvanised steel and welded mesh and is Australia’s most sought after pet enclosure on the market.

The panels come in 1.5 metre sections, so determine how large and what shape you require for your pet enclosure and then divide the metreage of each section by 1.5 metres and this gives you the number of panels you require, then add a gate(by removing one of the panels)  - its that easy!

For example this enclosure in the picture below is 3 Metres (2 x 1.5m panel) x 3 Metres (2 x 1.5m Panel)

So you require 8 panels in total

So if you want a gate also, you will require 7 x Spot on pet panels and 1 Spot on Pet Gate

Custom size pet enclosure

But you are not limited to square or rectangular structures, see the picture below, there are so many options you can choose as long as you either ensure the structure ‘returns’ on its self or the structure is tied in at the ends and a few star pickets are added if the fence line is more of a straight line.

Custom size pet enclosure

Need some help on confirming how many panels you require, feel free to contact us on 1300 322 892 or send us a drawing of what you want to


Width: 150 CM
Height: 180 CM
4mm welded mesh


  • 2 clamps included with each panel/gate
  • Pre-assembled gate available
  • Fully Galvanised and rust protected materials
  • Installed in minutes

Optional Extras

Quality Assurance

We are the manufacturer of this product and other chain link and welded mesh products that we supply both to the international and the Australian market. This ensures that we can maintain the highest quality available on the Australian market, however still maintain the lowest price as we employ ‘no middle man’ , we ensure that the product is delivered direct from the factory to you.


This product comes boxed and is delivered by TNT Express, or you can collect from one of our depots in BRISBANE- SYDNEY- PERTH- MELBOURNE